Sportshall round 1 Results

The first round of Sportshall took place at The Hermitage Leisure centre in Whitwick on Saturday 18th of October. Saffron AC had a brilliant turn out in all age groups and some amazing performances were achieved across the board. Hopefully we can expect a similar show of Black and Orange at the next round on the 21st November at Gateway College, Leicester. Also a big thank you to all the helpers who give up their time to ensure these events can go ahead. More photos in the gallery.

The team results are :

Under 11 Girls -1st Ivanhoe 282.5pts, 2nd Charnwood 260pts, 3rd Saffron 240.5pts
Under 13 Girls – 1st Charnwood 184.5pts, 2nd Hinckley 155.5pts, 3rd Saffron 140.5pts
Under 15 Girls – 1st Ivanhoe 144pts, 2nd Charnwood 135pts, 3rd Hinckley 95.5pts 4th Saffron 79.5pts

Under 11 Boys – 1st Charnwood 279pts, 2nd Ivanhoe 260pts, 3rd Saffron 241.5pts
Under 13 Boys – 1st Charnwood 172pts, 2nd Saffron 154pts, Ivanhoe 151pts
Under 15 Boys – 1st Charnwood 105.5pts, Saffron 84pts, 3rd Leicester Coritanian 50pts

Oh yes ladies the boys are doing better than you so we need to sort this out and boys keep up the very good work!!!!!

Mary Baker