National X/C Relays 2017

National Cross Country Relays 2017



The U13 boys team had a fabulous run to finish in 5th place. Alex Keeble led the trio handing over to Ash Butler in 15th place. Picking up 5 places, Ash handed over the Lachlan Finch, who again picked up a further 5 places whilst battling to the finish and only just missing out on a podium place to finish in 5th place overall.

Individually, Elsie Robinson was 10th quickest on leg 1 of the U13 girls race and Poppy Adkin had a good solid run to bring the team up a couple of places. Emma Richards had the bit between her teeth in the U17 women’s race where she picked up 25 places on her leg.

Full results (show the positions the athletes handed over in):

U13 girls
‘A’ Team 40th place

Elsie Robinson 10th 7.34
Poppy Adkin 8th 8.17
Flo Hagger 40th 9.25

‘B’ Team 82nd place

Eleanor Harwood 84th 8.39
McKenzie Smith-Byrne 78th 9.23
Eve Rowley 82nd 9.30

U13 boys
‘A’ Team 5th place

Alex Keeble 15th 7.06
Ash Butler 10th 7.30
Lachlan Finch 5th 7.07

‘B’ Team 77th place

Sam Wright 53rd 7.35
Kye Clarke-Myers 63rd 8.21
Kai Bolsover 77th 9.14

U15 boys
‘A’ Team 90th place

Tom Gibbons 73rd 7.17
Kian Traynor 90th 8.08
Charlie Combey 90th 8.08

U17 girls
‘A’ Team 38th place

Hannah Ord 48th 10.07
Emma Richards 23rd 9.52
Emma Gascoigne 38th 11.27

U20 women
Incomplete Team

Megan Rowley 45th 11.30

Race report by Rob Griffiths