Midland Road Relays 2016 Unbelievable U13’s

Unbelievable U13’s

There were some fantastic results at the Midland Road Relays on 24th September at Sutton Park, Birmingham. The day started with Lachlan Finch heading the U13 boys race and claiming the fastest leg of the day with his time of 13:35 over the 3.8k race. Dougie Low was on second leg and handed over to Ash Butler and the trio triumphed in bringing home the silver medal.

Likewise in the U13 girls race, Elsie Robinson led the charge and her ‘A’ leg time of 14:56 was 3rd fastest leg of the day. Elsie handed over to Flo Hagger in second place who handed over to Izzie Smith and the team secured the bronze medal.

Jordan Waine was the 2nd fastest leg of the day in the U17 women’s age group with the team of Hannah Ord and Rhea Cooper finishing just outside of the medals in a very commendable 6th place.

The U15 girls ‘A’ team of Etta Magill, Izzy McDaid and Emma Richards had a good showing to finish in 7th place overall.

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Full results:

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‘A’ team 3rd place

  • Elsie Robinson 14:56
  • Flo Hagger 16:16
  • Izzie Smith 15:54

‘B’ Team 31st place

  • Ysa Murdey 17:24
  • Scarlett Lewin 17:26
  • Daisy Low 19:28

Incomplete team

  • Lily Grocock 20:49








‘A’ Team 2nd place

  • Lachlan Finch 13:35
  • Dougie Low 15:20
  • Ash Butler 15:00

Incomplete Team

  • Samuel Wright 15:38
  • James Tansey 16:01


‘A’ Team 7th place

  •  Etta Magill 15:15
  • Izzy McDaid 16:11
  • Emma Richards 16:35

‘B’ Team 21st place

  • Naomi Clarke-Myers 16:45
  • Maya Kang 17:48
  • Eva Walters 16:40

‘C’ Team 27th place

  • Samantha Dyson 17:38
  • Rosie Low 17:40
  • Emma Gascoigne 17:09

U17 women
‘A’ Team 6th place

  • Hannah Ord 16:11
  • Rhea Cooper 16:30
  • Jordan Waine 14:31

Incomplete Team

  • Megan Rowley 17:54
  • Josie Wood 19:21

Senior Women

Incomplete Team

  • Caitlin Roper (U20) 15:57



Race report by

Rob Griffiths